About Our Belts

Alligator Belt

 Crescent Alligator Belts are unique in that the skins are cut along the length of the alligator skin. This allows for the fibers of the Alligator skin to run the entire length of the belt and capitalizes on the inherent strength of the skin.  The end belt is a perfectly crafted Alligator belt made from one length of Alligator.

Lizard Belt

 Crescent belt utilizes only JAVA (Varaneous Salvatone) lizard. Known for its extremely fine scale pattern, the Java lizard belt is elegant and the perfect wardrobe accessory. 

Ostrich Belt

 Our Farm raised Ostrich used in production allow for the preparation of a beautiful Ostrich belt while insuring the sustainability fo the Ostrich

American Bison Belt

 The history of the American plains is replete with stories of the beautiful American Bison. The farming of the American Bison allows Crescent Belt to present this skin as a contemporary and casual belt for the discerning client. 

Sedgwick Bridle Leather Belt

 The Sedgwick Bridle Leather Belt is pit tanned as if it were the 1500s. This leather is one of a kind and makes a beautiful, long lasting leather belt suitable for casual and formal belt attire.

Calf Skin Belt

 The most basic of leathers, Crescent Belt handcrafts the finest calf skin into the best basic belt for dress and every day casual wear. 

Elephant Belt

Perhaps the most loved animal of them all, the Elephant has suffered from poaching for a number of years. CITES approved the sale of salvaged skins as long as the funds from the sale of the skis are used to provide additional protection and protection the the African elephants. Each belt sold helps these magnificent creatures. 

Hippo Belt

 The Hippopotamus is also provided additional protection from the sale of skins harvested sustainably. Crescent Belt is able to offer the Hippo belt to our customers while helping protect the animal.

Shrunken Bull Belt

 We offer a very unique bull belt to our belt enthusiasts. The unique tanning of bull skins provides a beautiful and different look for a casual leather belt. 


 Pirarucu leather comes from the Arawana, a giant fish from the Amazon. The Arawana has long been a major source of food for the natives along the Amazon. When this beautiful skin was discovered, a method of farming the fish was developed to ensure the sustainability of the species while providing additional resources for the native population. 

Wildebeest Belt and Cape Buffalo Belt

These two beautiful Buffalo mingle on the African plans. Their distinctive skins offer a unique belt for casual wear.